Reach People, Connect Them to God and others.

Day 1 : Following Christ


We are so excited that you
decided to dedicate your life
to following Jesus.

But what does that mean, really? It is important to understand your decision so that you can experience the fullest life that God has in store for you. The prayer you prayed brought about a huge change on the inside of you, but it was only the first step in a lifetime journey of following Christ.

Ultimately, God’s Word
teaches us several
important things:


1. Our Sin

We are all born with a sin nature. Because of our sin, we are unable to have a relationship with God without forgiveness.

See: Romans 3:23


2. God’s Gift

We can’t earn God’s forgiveness – it must be given. Jesus gave His life as a sacrifice so that we could be forgiven.

See: Romans 5:8 ; Ephesians 2:8-9


3. Our Response

We must accept this free gift from God by believing that we are sinful, that Jesus is our Savior and committing our lives to Him.

See: Romans 10:9


4. The Result

When we put our faith in Jesus to forgive our sins, we are immediately forgiven, we are considered God’s child and our relationship with God begins.

See: 2 Corinthians 5:21 ; John 1:12

So, think of it this way,

"You’re a brand-new
person today."

This isn’t something that will happen,
but has already happened!

But remember, faith in Christ
is a life time journey.

Part of that journey is becoming on the outside who we are on the inside; allowing the change we’ve experienced in our heart to be experienced in our lifestyle. As a child of God, we commit our lives to becoming more like Christ every day in our actions, words and obedience.

As we walk out our faith,
several things happen.

1. We Bring honor to God

Jesus died to save us and the greatest way that we honor Him is by living for Him. We never earn God’s love or forgiveness by our obedience, but it is the best way to thank Him for it.

See: Romans 12:1 ; 2 Corinthians 5:15


2. We Bring Light to this World

This world is a dark place that is in desperate need of grace, love, mercy, and righteousness. When we live our lives for Christ, we influence those around us with the light and life that we found in Christ.

See: Matthew 5:14


Tomorrow you will receive
another link for more
information about your
next step in following Christ.