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Day 4 - Talking to God

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Welcome Back!

Your faith is not about being religious, but about being in a relationship with your Creator.

The best way to make any relationship healthy and growing is through communication.


The Bible is God
communicating with us
and Prayer is us
communicating with God.

During day four we want to help you understand and learn the basics of prayer so you can continue growing in your relationship with Jesus.

What is prayer really?

Is it just talking to God?
Is it asking things from God?

Yes, it is both of these things, but it’s also so much more than that. It is talking to God, but when we pray we should remember and have a heart of faith and humility, recognizing that we are His children and we are submitted to our Heavenly Father.
And, while we ask God to help with our needs through prayer, it should be done with an attitude of intimacy. Our prayers should not be a drive by to-do list for God, but time spent loving Him.

The other big question beyond
“What is prayer?” is

“How do I pray?”

There’s not really a wrong way to pray, but there are some right things that we should include when we pray. Here are four things that you should include in your daily prayers. You can remember these by using the acronym ACTS.

1. Adoration -

Everyone loves to be loved and bragged on, including God. And no one deserves it more than He does.
Adoration means to adore, respect or honor. Jesus said when we pray, we should say, “Hallowed be your name.” Therefore, we should spend time worshipping God and loving who He is. As we spend several moments telling God how awesome He is, how mighty he is, how loving he is, how merciful he is, etc., we are not only honoring Him, but building our faith.

See: Psalm 100:4 ; Psalm 29:2


2. Confession -

One of the things that started your spiritual journey was recognizing we are sinners in need of a Savior and His forgiveness.
Your relationship with God began when you prayed for His forgiveness the first time. However, you’re probably quickly learning that you're still not perfect, only forgiven. And while we need to strive to live lives that please God, when we have sinned or missed the mark, we should come to God in prayer and confess that thing to Him in order to receive forgiveness.
Confession is being honest and specific to God about your short comings. Jesus said when we pray, we should ask God to, “Forgive our trespasses.”

See: 1 John 1:9 ; Psalm 51:2


3. Thanksgiving -

It simply means giving thanks.
Before we begin asking God for anything else we should take time to thank Him for all that He has already blessed us with. Our thankfulness doesn’t only honor God for what He has done, but it builds our faith to know that He will continue to meet our needs.
Don’t take anything for granted. Spend a few minutes thanking Him for all the things that He has done for you.

See: Philippians 4:6 ; Ephesians 5:20


4. Supplication -

It may not be a word you are familiar with, but it is another way of saying petition.
It is asking God specifically for what we need. When we are praying about needs in our lives, or the lives of those around us, we are petitioning heaven.
Whether our need is physical, financial, material, or spiritual we can ask God to help us with those things. Jesus said we should pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.” So, everyday ask God for what you need; not only for yourself but for others.

See: Philippians 4:6


Jesus prayed

Mark 1:35

Jesus commanded us to pray

Luke 18:1

Jesus taught us how to pray

Luke 11:2-4

So, we need to make time for prayer everyday if we are going to have a strong relationship with God.


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